Linking the Treo 650 and Ford SYNC

The Treo 650 by Palm has been around for a many years now, and has always had a quirky bluetooth profile. After about an hour of following Ford’s instructions and a little bit of research, we finally figured out how to connect a Treo 650 (Verizon) with the impressive 2009 Ford Explorer SYNC system.

For some reason the Treo doesn’t work out of the box with the SYNC system. We found that once the Treo is paired with another bluetooth device, however, it becomes smart enough to handle the Ford SYNC connection.

  • Pair the Treo with a different bluetooth connection first. According to a poster on a message board, the Jabra headset, with its “0000” security code, with do just fine. We were able to break-in the Treo by connecting it to a 2005 Prius Bluetooth system (using code “1212”)
  • Delete any previous instances of the Treo in the SYNC system, and delete any previous instances of the SYNC in the Treo’s bluetooth page.
  • At this point the Treo will work as described in Ford’s instruction manual. After entering the six-digit code created by the Ford into the Treo, select “Car Kit”.

We were able to make calls and answer calls using the Ford’s interface. We did not, however, get a successful download of the Treo’s phone book. I didn’t have time to experiment, but it is likely that only the Treo Contacts that have a quick-dial assignment will be downloaded to the Ford. I assume that in order to download newly added quick-dial contacts to the Ford, one will have to re-pair the Treo and SYNC systems (simply delete the existing profiles of each other, and redo Step 3 above).

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