Downloading “High Violet” To The iPhone on Rhapsody

So, I’m sitting on the beach this afternoon looking through new releases at Rhapsody using their app. One CD of interest is the new one by The National. As one peruses the Rhapsody desktop client, he or she will notice that this CD only has a few streamable tracks.

I found that the Rhapsody iPhone app allows full downloading of this CD, actually. Get to it by going to the Recent Releases page. Long-press on the CD’s name, and select “Add To Playlist…”. In the next screen select New Playlist, an type a name for the list. Because it is a new CD that I want to access quickly, I’ll call it “00thenational” so it appears in the top of the Playlists list. In the next screen hit “Download” and all 11 tracks will download to your phone.

This technique requires at least a $10 subscription to Rhapsody. If you are a $15 subscriber, your iPhone will count as one of your authorized devices.