Send Tweets to Remember The Milk from More than One Twitter Account

rtm Remember The Milk is a fantastic web-based ToDo list manager. Recently they offered a conduit from your Twitter account to your RTM Inbox. The only problem is that RTM only allows one Twitter account to be linked. By linking a dummy Twitter account to both a dummy email account and to all of your current Twitter accounts, you now can forward tweets to RTM regardless of the Twitter account you are using/

  • Create dummy email account (on your own server or create a new gmail account). Set it to forward all mail to your normal email account
  • Create a secret rtm-forwarding Twitter account using your new dummy email account.
    The name of this Twitter account should be short, sweet, and easy to remember (ie "rtmmm")
  • Set this account to be private by selecting "Protect My Tweets" (Settings | Account)
  • Set this account to only forward direct messages (Settings | Notices). Deselect new follower and inside scoop newsletter.
  • Open each of your normal Twitter accounts and send requests to follow your rtm-forwarding Twitter account. (type “follow rtmmm”. You see the response is something like “OK, If rtmmm accepts you’re request…)
  • Log in to your rtm-forwarding Twitter account and accept the follow requests from your normal Twitter accounts. Then, follow your normal Twitter accounts from the rtm-forwarding accounts.
  • Change your dummy email account’s settings to forward all mail to your "secret RTM email address". (Open RTM and see Settings | Info | Inbox Email Address). It is not necessary to keep this account set to forward to your normal email address now.

Now from any of your twitter accounts you can forward tweets to Remember The Milk’s Inbox. Simply send a direct message from your Twitter client to your secret rtm account at Twitter. I use Twitteriffic on the iPhone, so when I see a Tweet that I want to send to my todo’s, I’ll hit "Retweet", put the cursor at the beginning of the person’s tweet, and type "d rtmmm". If I am at the Twitter webpage, I’ll copy the tweet and paste it into the tweet box, but put the "d rtmmm" before the text. (Sometimes a tweet will surpass the 140 character limit when it is formatted for forwarding, so some editing may need to be done)

The only real disadvantage is that you’ll have to type more than 3 characters to forward the tweet (which can be hell on a bad keyboard like the iPhone).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at danamccall on Twitter.

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