EW’s Top 10 Viral Videos

Entertainment Weekly has a list of their top 10 viral videos along with their cryptic URLs. For your convenience, here are the links:

  1. The Landlord by Will Ferrill
  2. “My Humps” by Alanis Morissette
  3. Miss South Carolina Teen USA
  4. “Thriller” by Filipino prisoners
  5. “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by Snowball the bird
  6. Prairie Dog
  7. “Don’t You Evah” from Keepon
  8. Clark Duke and Michael Cera
  9. “Baby Got Back” Gilbert and Sullivan style
  10. “Star Wars” Trumpet Solo

I have to say that #3, #4, #5, and #10 are my favorites. As a trumpet player since age 11, that pageant contestant trying to play “Star Wars” nearly had my crying with laughter!

The Postal Service Helps UPS

When most hear the phrase "The Postal Service" they immediately think of the United States Postal Service. How ironic is it that the new TV ad for UPS features "Such Great Heights" by the band The Postal Service?

Taming RSS Feeds

I follow about 40 RSS feeds each day and have had a little bit of a hard time taming them. I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader and felt much improvement. However the idea of arranging feeds by use instead of by topic is already paying off! It makes a lot of sense.

Check Out The Pit

ThePit The former Nana’s Chophouse in downtown Raleigh is now "The Pit" barbeque. The Pit’s Eastern North Carolina style comes from chef Ed Mitchell who formerly had Mitchell’s BBQ in Wilson.


Check out these rollerbladers who broke into a water park.

Van Halen Returns!

The RBC Center has been added to the extended leg of Van Halen’s Reunion Tour! The date is March 7, 2008. It will be interesting if Dave makes any reference to the show 100 yards away on June 2, 1979. Maybe we should throw some cups at him for old time’s sake.

Trader Joe’s Coming To Raleigh

The Triangle Business Journal is reporting that the deal is done. Trader Joe’s will open in Holly Park Shopping Center (Wake Forest Rd/Beltline) in 2009. Recently the Taco Bell closed and will squeeze into the A&W/KFC space on Six Forks, across from the side of Costco. The Intrex Store is going to move up Wake Forest Road to Eastgate Shopping Center (where Aldi is).

It will be interesting to watch the reorganization of Holly Park. It is by far the biggest bang for the buck shopping center in Raleigh. The Melting Pot is popular and I frequent the Jersey Mike’s, Wake Paint and Decorating, Intrex, Overton’s, shabashabu, Taco Bell, and Intrex, yet the place looks awful.

Mixed Message

Anyone care to take a stab at why in the world KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) uses the song “Sweet Home Alabama” in their ads?

Have the ad people become so uncreative that they can’t even find a more appropriate song from their bag of classic rock dead horses? Was “Rocky Mountain High” not available?