Fix XP’s Web Folder Error with Update

errorballIf you like to use WebDAV products as a mounted network drive from your Windows XP computer, you may have gotten errors such as “Error copying file or folder.” and “The requested header was not found”. This has been a problem especially with people trying to access content in iOS apps such as PDF Expert or Air Sharing (to name just a few).

The Windows XP instructions for these apps are correct in instructing users to add the device’s IP address as a favorite network location, however even after following the instructions exactly, one may still have errors copying or reading files from the devices.

The problem is easily solved by installing Microsoft’s Software Update for Web Folders (KB907306). The update is a direct download (no need to run Windows Update), and installs very quickly. I ran this update on my three XP computers and one of them required a reboot while the others were able to correctly access these iOS-based network locations immediately without rebooting.