Solving Epson 1680 Scanner Problems

I have an Epson 1680 scanner at my office and it is an impressive piece of equipment. It’s ability to scan a legal-size transparency, as well as a sheet of photo slides have allowed us to digitize many objects and clear up some space.

The Epson Scan software works great with Vista Ultimate, however it suffers mightily in XP. After a few days of being installed, it disappears upon launching and is unusable. After several attempts to update the software, drivers, and other hacks, I found the problem. Some problem with the software is causing two variables in the Windows XP Registry to change. This change forces the application to load way off of the screen, in an unrecoverable state.

Should you launch Epson Scan, see the splash screen, and then have no function once the splash disappears, try this:

  • Open the Windows Registry (Start | Run | Regedit)
  • Open this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EPSON\EPSON scan\ES001B\Environment

Look at the values for these entries: “Main Window Position X” and “Main Window Position Y”. Both should contain the value “0000000a” (that’s seven zeros and the letter “a”). If they do not, change the value, close the Registry, and relaunch EpsonScan. Hopefully this fix will help you, too!