Using AutoHotkey to Send Gmail Messages from Dentrix

Electronic messaging has become the preferred method of reminders by many practices and patients alike. Recently I posted about how to make Dentrix send text messages, however some prefer to send an email instead.

There are many companies offering text and email messaging services to dental office, but most are expensive and achieve the same results we can get for free using AutoHotkey and Gmail with Dentrix. If you aren’t a Gmail user, then you can use a text editor, like Notepad, to easily substitute your own keystrokes into the appropriate section of the script.

AutoHotkey is a scripting application for Windows that allows one to reproduce a stream of keystrokes easily. In order for it to work with Dentrix in Windows 7, specifically, it must be run in XP mode:

  • Install AutoHotkey (use the Instaler for AutoHotkey_L option)
  • Open Windows Explorer (Win-E)
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\
  • Right-click on AutoHotkey.exe, and select Properties
  • Click on the Compatibility tab
  • Select the checkbox for “Run the program in compatibility mode for:”
  • Select Windows XP (Service Pack 3) in the dropdown box
  • Select “OK”, and close Windows Explorer.

Here is how we handle emailing with Dentrix in our office:

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