IKEA Hacker

Just ran across a fun site for IKEA fans. IKEAhacker.blogspot.com

Always Thinkin’…

Here is a great idea for a new online social networking app: StomachBook. People can link through their stomachs, not by their faces. It’s time we get down to meeting people who eat like we do, not think. There could be a whole linky thing with recipes and restaurants. Friends would be called TummyChummies. Just a thought.

Label Google Maps

Google maps has been around a few years now and has a nice set of hacks out there. My favorite involves hijacking the title of the pushpin marker balloon as shown in the photo below. This is a pretty easy hack, to be honest:

  • Zoom-in to the target location on the map (pick any view)
  • Right click on “Link to this page” and (left) select “Copy Shortcut or “Copy Link Location”
  • Paste the link into the Address Bar (Firefox users click Ctrl-lv) and do not click “Enter”
  • Find the coordinates in the long text pasted into the Address Bar (some string like 35.782171,-78.638763)
  • Drag-select both coordinates and Copy them.
  • Paste the coordinates into the Google Maps Search Bar
  • After the string, hit the spacebar, then “(“. Type the title of your balloon, then “)” and click “Search Maps”
  • To copy this map as it is, copy the new URL from “Link To This Page” (as in Step 2) and paste it into any application.
  • Better yet, paste the URL into tinyurl.com and use the URL they give you!

Pretty easy, huh? You’ll find this as a great way of labeling an exact location for someone.


The Rock Rocks

Check out the rock in rural Iowa. Neat story.

Taming RSS Feeds

I follow about 40 RSS feeds each day and have had a little bit of a hard time taming them. I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader and felt much improvement. However the idea of arranging feeds by use instead of by topic is already paying off! It makes a lot of sense.

Social Butterflies

I have a patient who runs a neat little free email newsletter that women, especially, would really like. It’s called “Social Butterflies” and it features fun things to do and places to shop. One issue, for example, featured heads-ups on Crowder Park Nature Classes, Roots of NC Music classes, Family Movie Festivals, Lazy Daze info, and info about Padoodles, a Fuquay-Varina kids’ boutique. To sign up for the newsletter, email

Find Your IP Address

There are several sites that will display your IP address. Until recently the IPChicken was the most entertaining site displaying one’s IP. We are lucky now, however, to have MoanMyIP.com. At this site a sexy woman moans your IP address. This is NOT office friendly!

Uncle Joe’s Update

A great site for catching quick music and entertainment news is Uncle Joe Benson’s Daily Update.