Residential Decay

It’s unusual to see something look this bad, this fast. Look at the photos of it just 8 years ago.

YouTube Star: Jake Byrd

byrd.jpgI was watching the O.J. coverage last night when I caught site of this bizarre guy wearing an “I Love Famous People hat” in the press conference background. After searching for it on the internet, I entered the hilarious world of Jake Byrd.

Does UGA’s Stadium Look Familiar?

We’ve all heard about UGA’s famous hedges. I found a little history lesson today on Inside Carolina message board about Sanford Stadium:

“Near the existing Sanford Field was a low area between the Old Campus (to the north) and the Ag Campus (to the south) with a small creek (Tanyard Creek) running through it, creating a clearly preferable choice for the location of the new stadium. This natural valley containing Tanyard Creek would result in reduced costs, as stands could be built on the rising sides of the hill, while the creek could be enclosed in a concrete culvert, on top of which the field would be constructed. The architect for the stadium was TC Atwood of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where North Carolina’s Kenan Stadium had just been completed with a similar design. The 30,000 seat stadium was built in large part with convict labor, as were many public works projects of that era.”

Here’s my 3-photo panoramic photo of the stadium:


Lost in Translation

asian_bath_sign.jpgTy Dembicks got a photo of this sign posted in a hotel bathroom.

Find Your IP Address

There are several sites that will display your IP address. Until recently the IPChicken was the most entertaining site displaying one’s IP. We are lucky now, however, to have At this site a sexy woman moans your IP address. This is NOT office friendly!

MLB Is a Joke

ESPN likes to ridicule hockey, but guess what? In Miami, the 5th largest metro in the U.S., only 0.5% of the stadium bothered to stay to the end of a 12-inning game versus Washington. Yes, that’s half of a percent. Please don’t let anyone talk about bringing the steroid yawnfest known as MLB to the Triangle.

I Love The Badger


I don’t know about about you, but I just love the football-sized Car-selling Badger. The ads for Johnson Lexus, were produced by Richmond, VA ad firm The Martin Agency. The firm which produced the Gecko ads and Caveman ads for Geico Insurance was approached by Johnson Lexus for the ads. Surely the campaign will be snapped in place for ads across America because they area proven hit in this market.

Can He Carry a Football?

I was poking around on Digg and found this link to a photo of the most buff dog I’ve ever seen. I wonder how fast he can run?