ScanSnap S510 Finally Gets Windows 7 Driver

185149[1] Fujitsu has finally released an updated driver for their phenomenal ScanSnap S510 sheet fed scanner. The update comes 76 days after the release of Windows 7, and 246 days after Windows 7 release candidate was officially released.

In order to obtain the driver, U.S. customers must call (800) 626-4686, hit option “8”, and give the service advisor the scanner’s Part # and Serial #.

The ScanSnap S510 scanner is a football-sized masterpiece that unfolds to reveal an excellent sheet-fed scanner. The S510 works at about 3 seconds per sheet, and scans both sides of the paper into several formats. The scanner comes with a copy of Adobe Acrobat Standard 8, so obviously .pdf outputs are a snap.

Beware, though. Adobe does not support Acrobat Standard 8 in Windows 7, and I have had mixed results installing it on two different machines. Adobe says that Acrobat 10.2 and up are supported in Windows 7.

Nevertheless, the scanner is a workhorse. I have used it for two years, now, scanning every receipt, bill, dental school notes, and daily logs that we used to keep in large notebooks.

One Response to “ScanSnap S510 Finally Gets Windows 7 Driver”

  1. I am running Windows 7 and I have installed a new Scansnap S1500 which came bundled with Adobe Acobat 9….The Problem I have is that when I try and scan direct from Acrobat I get the message…Either Scanner Driver is not installed or Scanner is not connected…..I know the Scanner works fine as I can Scan direct into word or file by just pressing the Blue button….So why not through Acrobat 9?

    Regards Rod Ward.