Dentrix, Dexis, and CAESY Enter the Windows 7 Era

Over the past year I have had some old machines in the office that were having extreme difficulty with lack of speed and driver instability in Windows XP. With all of the "problems" with Vista, I delayed purchasing new equipment and upgrading my version of Dentrix for a couple of years. With the arrival on Windows 7 and several "final straw" events, I decided to replace two of my machines and upgrade my server with Windows 7.

The road over the past three weeks has been rocky, but as crazy as it may sound, it has been more rewarding finding out the caveats of new hardware and software than it was banging my head against a wall with the old equipment and abandoned, malfunctioning drivers.

The following is a guide based on the state of hardware and software as of Thanksgiving in 2009 (Windows 7 has been officially released for 1 month). I use Dentrix, Dexis, and CAESY as my main workhorses in the office. Hopefully the information here will help to guide you in purchasing or waiting to purchase specific hardware.

I’ll first begin with software, and how it performs on a myriad of both equipment and versions of Windows 7 in my office. Each software package has been installed on a 32-bit and a 64-bit machine. On the 64-bit machines, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 have been tested. Remember, you can install a 32-bit version of Windows 7 on a 64-bit machine, but you cannot install a 64-bit version of Windows on a 32-bit machine.

DENTRIX G4 (Power Pack 6)

32-bit Win7
  • 32-bit machine – Dentrix seems to work fine with Win7 Pro and Ultimate on 32-bit hardware.
  • 64-bit machine – This is my "server" and it is running 32-bit Win7 Pro. Things have been rocky, as the machine seems to not be able to handle 7 connections in the standard installation. The problem seems to have been corrected using the information in the "Networking Error…" section below.
64-bit Win7
  • 32-bit machine – N/A
  • 64-bit machine – Dentrix Patient Chart does NOT work currently in this environment. With two instances I was unable to get all of the submodules, especially the Treatment Planning module, to appear in the Patient Chart. The answer here, for now, is to use XP Mode, which only works on certain machines. (See XP MODE note below)

DEXIS 8.0.7

32-bit Win 7
  • 32-bit machine – Dexis and the PCMCIA-based sensor are working fine in this environment (Win7 Ultimate)
  • 64-bit machine – Dexis software accesses existing chart images well. However the PCMCIA-based sensor seems to be a 16-bit device, and will therefore NEVER WORK ON A 64-BIT MACHINE. So, a 64-bit machine is not a current solution in an operatory where Dexis radiographs are obtained.
64-bit Win 7
  • 32-bit machine – N/A 
    64-bit machine – Dexis software did not install correctly in this environment. In order to use Dexis on this machine, it must be run in XP Mode, which only runs on certain machines. (See XP MODE note below). Also the PCMCIA-based sensor seems to be a 16-bit device, and will therefore NEVER WORK ON A 64-BIT MACHINE. So, a 64-bit machine is not a current solution in an operatory where Dexis radiographs are obtained.


32-bit Win 7
  • 32-bit machine – CAESY installs without fail, launches correctly, and displays CAESY’s still artwork gallery, but is unable to launch Windows Media Player 10 to play videos. Therefore CAESY WILL NOT WORK in this environment.
  • 64-bit machine – CAESY installs without fail, launches correctly, and displays CAESY’s still artwork gallery, but is unable to launch Windows Media Player 10 to play videos. The only way to make CAESY work in 64-bit Windows 7 is to run CAESY in XP Mode, which only works on certain machines (See XP MODE note below). (There are apparently Windows Media Player 9 "downgrade" solutions on the internet, but none of the sites offering the downloads seemed trustworthy, so I did not test the possibility of downgrading to WMP9.)
64-bit Win 7
  • 32-bit machine – N/A 
    64-bit machine – CAESY installs without fail, launches correctly, and displays CAESY’s still artwork gallery, but is unable to launch Windows Media Player 10 to play videos. The only way to make this work is to run CAESY in XP Mode, which only works on certain machines (See XP MODE note below)

* * *

In setting up these applications, I ran into several caveats in Windows 7 that perhaps others will face:

XP Mode

Windows 7 (Professional and Ultimate) can run XP Mode on certain newer machines. In order to test your hardware, use Microsoft’s tool posted at their XP Mode download page.

XP Mode installs a virtual computer on the machine that runs Windows XP SP3 in a window. Once installed, this virtual environment needs to be nurtured with updates and virus protection just like our old 2001 computers did, in addition to your care for the Windows 7 environment. What’s worse, is that XP Mode natively only runs in 16-bit color mode, which means that it is completely unusable for displaying images and videos (Dexis and CAESY). Don’t despair, though! A registry hack to enable 24-bit color in XP Mode is out there, and works great. It is applied to regedit in the XP virtual machine, not Win7’s regedit!

Therefore if one plans to run CAESY (at all), or Dentrix (in 64-bit Windows 7), one should install all three of the apps in XP Mode, and live in a virtual environment until CAESY and Dentrix can get their software packages running in Windows 7.

Networking Error In Windows 7

When my Dentrix Server was installed on a 32-bit machine running Windows 7 Professional (32-bit), the system seemed to work very well. After shifting some computers around to satisfy Dexis’ 16-bit hardware requirements, the "server" is a 64-bit machine running Windows 7 Professional (32-bit). Soon after completing this installation I began getting this error in my two operatories that are running Windows XP SP3 (could be a complete coincidence):

"Not enough server storage is available to process this command."

When the error notification appeared, both XP machines in operatories would lose their mapped drive connections to the server, but did NOT lose connections to CAESY, an old computer running an intranet in the office, or the internet. Since adjusting the IRPStackSize registry entry on the Server (Win7 Professional machine), the problem seems to be solved. More information on this change is available here:

* * *

Therefore, at this point there is no Windows 7 solution that currently will run all of Dentrix, Dexis, and CAESY correctly. The hardware restrictions put forth by Dexis’ outdated sensor technology will be a major problem for offices in the ensuing couple of years. We all thought that the sensors would eventually die a physical death, however most of these sensors will end up dying death of obsolescence.

When will these three get on board with the operating system that Microsoft released to developers over a YEAR ago? The best clues I have gotten from Dentrix and CAESY point to Microsoft’s SP1 timetable. All Dexis support would tell me is that they do not support Windows 7 and that I should not be using it. (This, along with attitude of the technical support advisor, will kept fresh in my mind when my sensor needs to be replaced).

Here is my setup:

  • RECEPTION – 64-bit machine running Windows 7 Professional (32-bit). This machine has a 500GB HDD which hosts all Dentrix and Dexis databases.
  • OP1 – 64-bit machine running Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit OEM). This machine has no x-ray head in the room, so we only need Dexis to view images. Because of Dentrix Chart and CAESY’s limitations, all three apps are run in XP Mode hacked for 24-bit color. This machine has a 500GB HDD and will host all Recorded TV for Windows Media Center.
  • OP2 – 32-bit machine running Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit). This machine takes films from a PCMCIA-based Dexis sensor. It cannot run CAESY, as it cannot run XP Mode.
  • OP3 – 2 year old 32-bit machine running Windows XP Professional. This machine takes films from a PCMCIA-based Dexis sensor, and because it is running XP, runs CAESY normally.
  • OP4 – 3 year old 32-bit machine running Windows XP Professional. Because it is running XP, it runs CAESY normally.
    DR’S OFFICE – New 64-bit HP laptop running Windows Ultimate RC Build 7001 (32-bit). This machine runs Dentrix and Dexis fine, but won’t run CAESY videos, which isn’t important in my personal office.

The reason I am installing Ultimate in the operatories is to have Windows Media Center (the world’s greatest DVR) available for patients to watch recorded TV and internet TV on the overhead monitors.

Good luck with your setups! I hope this guide helps everyone to find a solution quickly and quietly. PLEASE contribute to the information here with your own experiences, because as far as I can tell, our specialty software vendors are being anything but aggressive in adapting their software to the needs of today’s new hardware customer.

76 Responses to “Dentrix, Dexis, and CAESY Enter the Windows 7 Era”

  1. Dana,

    Thanks for this timely post.

    Finally getting my wife and her dental partner to upgrade from a horrible product (dentpro) Nobody seems to love their dental SW, but enough seem ok with Dentrix.

    Did not really want to use Windows Server 2008, interested to see you using W7 Pro for the server, which I would prefer. Dentrix does not officially support this, but will their support people work with you on this or just say “not supported?

    Was going to use W732 for the rest of the office.

    Have you used wireless lan at all?

  2. Dana, I used to work for DEXIS, It took a long time before they started supporting windows vista, but they’ve changed the certification process so official windows 7 support should be faster to arrive. The old pcmcia sensor board is being phased out, New DEXIS owners are getting the DEXIS Platinum system now which is a direct USB interface as opposed to the older PCMCIA controller board, or the DEXUSB interface which replaced the network based DEXBOX system that worked with the older PCMCIA controller board.

  3. I AM using Windows 7 Professional as my server, and it is the front desk computer. I spoke to Dentrix support last week about an unrelated issue and they were saying that in an office like mine where I have 6 computers running, W7 is probably OK, but for a larger network they recommend a dedicated server “Running Windows Server 2008″ (contrary to the requirements page in my G4 documentation). I have not gotten the stone wall “not supported” response. I’ve gotten the “yeeaahh, wellllll, Dentrix doesn’t really support W7, so it could be that, but you could also try…”

    What’s strange is that any problems I DID have in Vista, and they were rare, are completely unsolved in Windows 7. My biggest issue with my dental computers comes in Vista/Windows 7 finding the database on a cold startup. The correct folder is named in the Dentrix ep.exe setup, and the mapped drives appear in Windows Explorer, but when Appointment Book fires up, I have to navigate to the data folder and double click on it for Dentrix to acknowledge the database. Simply retyping in the address does not work. This is happening on four different Vista/W7 machines.

  4. First of all, great blog! Thanks for taking the time to list your results so we can avoid some hurdles. I do various types of system integration and, although not officially a Dentrix/Dexis integrator, I’ve gained several dental customers recently which all started with the office where my wife works as a hygienist.

    I want to provide additional information…
    The 16bit PCMCIA Dexis cards do work in 64bit machines. Here’s one example of a setup I have tested:

    PC with 64bit Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 processor.
    W/ Amtron PCD-TP-110CS 16/32bit PCMCIA card reader (Texas Instrument chipset)
    Windows XP Pro 32bit OS
    Dexis Sensor and card are vintage 2005

    Another note: Since Windows 7 under-the-hood is basically the same as Vista, you can usually use Vista drivers on Win7. This should make it much quicker for companies to officially support Windows 7.

  5. Well, Mike, this is promising! Strange, though, because I was able to read a CF card-reading PCMCIA card in the 64-bit environment. So, my assumption is that my PCMCIA card reader is working properly.

    I have found many cases where items that worked in Vista do not work in Windows 7, though. For instance, the ScanSnap S510 Vista driver does not work in Windows 7.

    Thanks for the info, though.

    BTW here is an update for everyone: our Virtual XP environment working on a 64-bit machine is a really crappy nightmare with Dentrix. If you change the XP Mode from Fullscreen to windowed, Dentrix Chart takes several minutes to refresh and is unusable in the meantime. I sure hope that Dentrix and Dexis will get off their butts and embrace a version of Windows that will be around a long, long time.

  6. Folks,

    Is anyone using Dexis integrator to work with the ezdental by any chance? I’m helping out a friend of mine with replacing her old machines. I was able to install/setup Dexis and ezdental (both work fine independent of each other). I did notice a message during the install that mentioned something about the patient ID’s. I figured it will be something simple for the frontdesk girl to do so I didn’t think much of it and clicked continue. As it turns out, the frontdesk lady has no idea about it.
    At this point she cannot get dexis to come up when she is looking up a patient in ezdental.

    This is the very first time that I’m dealing with the dental stuff (I have a daytime job as a Network Analyst:) so I’m definitely out of my comfort zone.
    Any tips in resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated.


  7. we just purchased dexis platinum sensor and are having trouble with windows 7 32 bit. It keeps dropping the sensors and we are not able to capture the images from the digital doc. any ideas for us

  8. CAESY

    First off – Great post!

    Installed Caesy on new win 7 64-bit and it wouldn’t play the videos as you stated.
    Opening Media player and clicking on Options-
    then the Network tab- then check HTTP and the protocol is configured to use the Browser.

    Then I tried it again and Casey played the videos, but then something switched that setting off and the videos stopped working.

    I went back into media player and the HTTP was unchecked….

    Maybe someone else could try and see if the videos will play for them in 64bit windows 7?

    I tried XPmode, but the virtual video driver they give you has no memory, so even with the color hack, the video camera while it did work, the “virtual” xp mode box was actually worse than the real ones…..

    I’m starting to lean to just downgrading to XP 32bit and be stuck with 4gb of memory in order to refresh the computers this year…..

    The G4/Casey/Dexis(image 4.5) while any one might come up with a fix (G4 -7 is supposed to support win 7 64bit) I’m thinking getting all three is not going to happen any time soon, needless to say I’m greatful I only bought 1 computer to try out and not the whole office. What a disaster that would have been.

    Thank You,

  9. Hey Dana,
    Great post! I too, like the person before me am a Network Analyst. I did a G3 install in 2007 using Small Business Server 2003, an External NAS, 2 front desk clients, and 3 operatories, each with a DexBox. Just recently I did an upgrade to G4 and found that Dentrix currently only supports XP, which, with a few performance tweaks, can run pretty fast. The client server architecture allows me to manage the network remotely while controlling who has access to what via Active Directory. I use a TB NAS to store the databases in order to provide redundancy. I like Windows 7, but am a little leary how it handles operations designed for XP, especially when dealing with database updates and backups. Anyways, hope things are going well in your clinic!

  10. Have any of you guys tried Diamond Dental Software? Seemless integration with Win 64-bit. It can link up through bridge to any type of third party software without much trouble. Best technical support I have ever encountered with a dental software vendor.

  11. S.M.

    I just did this today and it worked fine. You must install a 3rd piece of software and I had to get it from Dexis’s web site through a tech support login that tech support supplied me. This software is actually called Dexis Integrator. Once installed and rebooted. The icon should appear in the tray. Then when in easy dental view the patient. Then a Dexis box should appear to the right side of the screen. This will be blank or show x-rays once they exist. I hope this helps.


  12. Dana,
    Trying to help my dad with his dexis laptop upgrade. He purchased a 64 bit machine and it has win 7 64 bit. I found that the pc card he bought from dexis is not working.
    I was wondering if anyone has tried to use an adapter (usb to pc card) that takes pcmcia cards and converts to usb connection. Would this setup work? How about with a 64 bit machine or 64 bit os?
    Any help would be great

  13. for those that have to click the network drive to get the connection active, try this:
    start-run-cmd, type net config server /autodisconnect:xxxx where xxxx is the time limit. you can also map the drive by using:
    net use X: \\server\share /persistent:yes. either of these should keep the network connection active. under certain conditions windows will allow a network connection to “hibernate” and unless the software knows to wake the connection up you will have to do it.

  14. Clay, I have also heard that running the command below in Windows 7 helps keep the mapped drives “on” at all times. We have been doing this as part of the workstation setup process and seems to do the job:

    Click start and type run, right click the search result and run as administrator. When the command box opens type the following:

    netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

    A “hibernated” mapped drive can cause a user to think they have a major problem but if they just browse and try to acess the mapped drive under Computer, it will “wakeup” that drive that needs to be active to run any Dentrix module, same for the Dexis mapped drive as well.

  15. On another note, has anyone tried running their Dentrix/Dexis server as a virtual machine? We have had clients that are concerned about losing all their data and I know the pain in trying to run an established server OS (image or cloned HDD) on an entirely new and different server machine (meaning different physical hardware: MOBO, etc.) and especially having to deal with Microsoft and OEM OS installations/ product key reactivation. I like the idea of backing up an entire server virtual machine and being able to deploy it within a day if the physical machine it was running on (host OS) took a dive. I just want to know if Dentrix will perform well in a virtual server environment, assuming we used a new quad core processor and all the newest/fastest technology. Thanks for anyone’s response!

  16. Sorry, but in my first post, I meant to say to run the command prompt as administrator, not the Run prompt. So right click on CMD and run as administrator. Sorry again.

  17. 64-bit applications really do not exist or provide any advantages in software space over 32-bit. Open Dental is what we use for PM along with Dexis. The bridge for Dexis to Open Dental was seamless and free to boot. As opposed to Dentrix, Open Dental updates all your computers automatically through a self-executing routine from the server. Our server is a Octocore MacPro 2008, so it runs MacOSX and whatever flavor of windows we want in the background using VM Ware Fusion (trust me, that’s still super fast — I play really demanding games on the MacPro as well). I also manage all my workstations with an app called Remote Desktop, so I can ‘see’ all of our workstations from my office. Best thing, I maintain backups of the Windows machines, so in case one gets infected, it gets thrown out in the trash can, I fire up a new one, and things get rebuilt in, oh, 5 minutes? Since you already have the ethernet and all other connections ready in your operatories, I would suggest ditching all your hardware in favor of a MacPro and iMacs. Much easier to maintain, longer shelf-life (not due to quality, but because MS software is inherently a dinosaur due to x86 backward compatibility requirements), and increased productivity since you will be spending more time chit chatting with your patients instead of solving network problems, updating Dentrix, viruses, and all other nasties associated with having the most used and attacked OS in the world courtesy of Microsoft.

  18. I feel your pain and was excited to find this blog. I am the computer tech for an office running Windows Server 2008 for the server and Windows 7 for 40 workstations. Similar setup here but we use Schick sensors for the ops. We used to run on a strictly Windows 2000 server/workstation environment but had to upgrade to get Dentrix G4 pp8. Talk about a nightmare… Older Schick sensor bases are not compatible with Windows 7’s USB drivers in most cases so had to find PCI USB cards to handle that. Older Vipersoft imaging cards are PCI and all the new computers I bought only have 1 PCI slot. Imaging foot pedals only work on game ports or serial ports… good luck finding a new PC with either. Caesy was not, until recently, able to work with Win7’s media player. Dentrix Imaging is not compatible with Windows Server 2008’s SQL, so had to set up a Win7 machine as the SQL server. The list goes on and on and everything has to be up and running on the upgrade by Monday when they get back from holiday break. I really get tired of calling tech support only to hear that “we don’t currently support but that should be addressed in a future upgrade.” Nothing like having to tell the dentist that he needs to buy 6 new imaging cams to make it work after shelling out all the money for the necessary upgrades/computers/CALs/etc. I REALLY miss Windows 2000 (and, along with that, my spare time.) Might not be bad if dental peripherals were reasonably priced but we all know that is not the case. Hopefully, come Monday morning, everything will work fine with only a few hiccups, but it’ll be a busy weekend for the unsung computer guy. Would love to start a dialog with anyone who may be in a similar situation because we all know some workarounds for our problems and share what we have figured out with others. Great blog and I am going to be a regular reader. Thanks for letting me vent.

  19. Ugh! That sounds awful, Samuel! I’m just dumbfounded that peripheral and software companies don’t jump on the SDK’s and get themselves ready for the next OS. If they think they are just leading us into buying the new sensor that will work with the new hardware, then they need to think again. I’d just change companies.

    One thought in the footpedal department: If the software will respond to keyboard shortcuts for actions like freeze, save image, etc, then you could use a Kenesis footpedal in conjunction with AutoHotkey to do multiple tasks (launch imaging, move window, arm for capture all in one step). Those pedals are pretty cheap and might do more than the old MIDI based pedals.

    You know, we are kind of at the end of the 1st generation of computer-based charting. If these companies can’t make the transition to the 2nd gen smooth for us (ie force us to buy $15000 worth of software and equipment), then their will be a revolution that will make ALL of those companies obsolete. Their software isn’t that special, and their imaging sensors don’t cost THAT much to produce.

  20. Samuel, sorry to hear about your issues. I realize it’s a bit late, but to answer a few of the problems you’ve run into: Dentrix Imaging 5.1 does work on Server 2008. I just did this last week. It uses SQL Express 2005, which works just fine on Server 2008. You’ll likely need to call Dexis to get the upgrade from 4.5 if the office is current on support.

    Not sure which version of Schick CDR sensors they own, but I’ve had no problem with CDR 2000 models on Windows 7. The caveat being Windows 7 32-bit (not 64-bit). Schick has Windows 7 drivers on their support site available for download.

    As for the footpedals, most models of COM to USB or Gameport to USB work just fine. They emulate a COM port. I have these working in quite a few offices that have upgraded over the past few years. FYI, HP Business desktops still ship with a COM port.

    Finally, you’re right about Caesy and the Vipersoft PCI cards. Caesy has been a pain to wait for, and migrating those PCI cards specifically for Dentrix Imaging has been tricky. I’m currently testing a solution that may eliminate them once and for all in 5.1.

    Best of luck in your support of the office.

  21. Thank you for your post,
    I had much valuable information.
    I was just wondering what configuration you used
    to connect the dexis sensor to the laptop?

    I have been looking for a usb adapter NOT from dexis and found this one:

    I will let you know how it works once it arrives.

  22. Hi all. This page has a tremendous amount of useful information.
    I have had similar issues upgrading 8 yr. old laptops. I’m running Dentrix G2 and Dexis 7 with a classic PCMIA sensor. Instead of buying a new pc and running Windows XP mode and associated hacks, I bought an iMac and have been running Parallels Desktop and a virtual Windows XP machine. The software all works great and integrated seamlessly with our server.
    I still have to buy the DEXusb adapter box and upgrade Dexis to version 8.07 or higher to record images on the new Mac. I haven’t finalized the purchase due to customer service issues with Dexis but I have tried it and I know the hardware works.

  23. I have an older dentrix image camera. After upgrading to Windows 7 I find that this camera which uses a Viper capture card is not supported by windows 7 and Dentrix via Dexis Image support says there will likely be no driver development for this “outdated camera”. Should I drop kick the camera across the room? Thank you Dentrix/Dexis

  24. Gary, How does the camera connect to the computer? Are you saying that the Viper card is a PCI card that offers a socket to the camera’s cable? Is that connector proprietary or is it something like SVGA? Can you take a picture of these or link to one on the internet?

  25. Gary,
    Did you ever resolve your problem? We are having the same issues here with the viper capture cards. Dentrix/Dexis support is no help at all. Please let me know if you ever found a solution!!

  26. I am going through the same thing as Gary. Upgrading computers to Win7. However, 2 of our intraoral camer systems are Gendex Acucams based on a video input using the vipersoft PCI V card (both composite and svideo inputs). I cannot find Win7 drivers for the vipersoft pci video capture card. It is difficult to find any info on this card in general. I am not sure a generic video capture pci card will work. However, that may be the only option. There is no way we will get any technical support if we use another vid capture card either.

    I’ve found that these dental software companies are terrible at supporting older hardware, forcing us on an expensive hardware upgrade path.

  27. They really are bad. Imagine buying a car and not being able to get parts after 4 years.

    Like I asked Gary, does the Acucam have a generic video output? (SVGA, Composite, or the like?) You may want to try doing what I did.

    I have an old Insight camera (which has SVGA out of the wall-mount docking cradle) and use Dexis for my imaging. From one day I bought an ATI TV Wonder 600 for $30, an RF modulator from Radio Shack for $30, and a Delcom footpedal for $38. The modulator takes the video input and puts it on “channel 3″ going into the tuner card on the coax. I tell Dexis to look at the channel 3 input, and programmed the Delcom footpedal to emulate the keyboard input to capture and go back to being live again.

    If the Acucam has an output that will go into a Radio Shack modulator (SVGA or Composite), and your software can use a “TV channel” for its live camera input, then you should be able to recreate what I did. There are numerous good video tuner cards that are dirt cheap.

    One other thing, the bulb blew on my Insight camera last week. I was dreading even trying to find that company, much less their bulb that they probably charge $125 for. Luckily the voltage and wattage were printed on the bulb threads, and I found it at Amazon for $5! If you blow a bulb, be sure to look for it on amazon or one of the bulb catalogs you get before you pay the exorbitant prices that venders charge for replacements.

  28. 2 of our Acucams use video output (either composite or svideo. There are outputs for both) We also use Dexis. I’m glad to hear that Dexis can accept video inputs from devices other than the Vipersoft card. I was unsure whether it would or not.

    I will try out a 3rd party video capture card with composite and svideo inputs.

    Our 3rd Acucam uses a firewire interface. Our new Win7 computer cannot see the camera. Drivers for the firewire card are fine. That’s another issue I need to hammer out.

    Thanks for this great resource. I used it a lot a year ago when we upgraded our server. It really is the only resource out there which deals with computer hardware/software in a dentist office environment. I am shocked that there is such a dearth of information on this subject and that there is not internet rage from all the dentists.

  29. I purchased a Pinnacle DVD Recorder Plus for $50. Installed it on my new Windows 7 machine and it worked perfectly with the Gendex Acucam using a SVideo input. I can ditch the unsupported Vipersoft PCI V video capture cards now.

  30. The current versions of dexis 9.02 and up all support 64 bit win 7. Only the platinum sensor and the dexcam 3 are supported in 64 bit, older hardware is not. I recommend everyone to stay away from 64 bit versions of windows for workstations. The only reason to run 64 bit OS is to support more than 4 Gig of ram. Workstations do not need this much. Dent Image 5.1 is not supported in win 7 at all and only to Server 2003. It may work in server 2008 but is not officially supported. Dexis can work with some capture cards but mainly the Viper card. It used to support many ATI cards but became a support headache due to ATI changing the code requirements for correct programming in the software to make them function correctly. Most of the later cards will work however especially for those that need sual monitor support. Using a 64 bit OS on a workstation is gamble due to losing support for much of your hardware. The reason is drivers, 32 bit and 64 are written completely differently. The viper card for instance has no 64 bit drivers or win 7 support so far.

  31. Mike,
    I completely understand what you are saying, however have you tried to shop for a computer lately? Everything is a 64-bit machine with 64-bit Windows preloaded. So, apparently, the only way to get a new machine for an operatory is to buy 64-bit hardware and a copy of WIndows 7 32-bit, and overwrite the installation. This could be problematic, though, as the pre-installed drivers for the computer could not have 32-bit analogs. What a headache!

    I’d hate to see people have to throw away good hardware just because it has been abandoned by newer operating systems. I think I’m on my 3rd laser printer in 10 years now…and the 2000 HP laser printer is probably still mechanically just fine!

  32. I have to install dentrix 11 (I know old system) onto a computer with Windows 7 but I cant get by one step which says that I need to switch my regional settings to Canada(english) but when I check, it is… Any ideas how I can go around this? I read in the Dentaltown forum and the guy said this “Turns out the Locale code in the registry was wrong (was 00000409, should have been 00001009).” Any ideas what he’s talkign about and how to change it???

  33. I hope that you have found a solution to this, Jermaine. I haven’t been ignoring you, I’m just a little stumped by this. I just found this response on some non-dental-related message board:

    The key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International. At the Locale value, you see a number, which represents the ID for that user’s locale. To view a complete lists of all available locale IDs, see Intl.inf at %SystemRoot%\Inf.

    (you get there by running regedit, but, of course, be sure to back up your registry before messing around with it). If this still doesn’t work, there may be a problem with the Intl.inf file? Shot in the dark. I can’t find this file on my computer, so maybe his XP-era answer is not applicable to Windows 7. Hopefully this helps!

  34. I have ez dental and would like to get the dexis digital xray system. I am also thinking of getting the Guru patient educational system. Any thoughts?

  35. If I had it to do over again I’d go with Schick instead of Dexis because of a) support plan costs (and overall costs) and b) image quality (not that Schick is perfect and Dexis is terrible – they are both fairly close, but I feel like we are catching interproximal caries too late in the game). Guru is probably enough. We have Caesy and don’t really use it too much. Why? The presentations are WAY too long. The patient doesn’t need a 3 minute diatribe on all the of facets of a bridge. Caesy needs to get some 15s to 30s videos. There is a reason that advertisements are that length on TV, ya know!. I’ve only played with the demo of Guru and it seem nice enough, and quick and to the point.

  36. Folks, I am an IT person who assigned work with a Dental Office who’s running Dentrix 11 currently. They want to upgrade to the Dentrix G2, but their server 2003 PC is bit old. I am just wondering if I can purchase a New PC with 64bit Win 7 Pro, will Dentrix G2 work with Win 7 Pro 64bit or I have to install the Server 2003 again? This office currently running less than 7 workstations, (some of them are running Win 7 64bit already.) Please advise.

  37. Mike, thanks for posting this question. I am insanely busy this week, but I’m going to try to hunt down an answer by the end of next week.

  38. Mike,
    It appears that only Dentrix G4 Productivity Pack 7 or higher will run in Windows 7, 64-bit. If that office insists on staying with Dentrix 11, you’ll need to install a 32-bit OS on any new computers there (of course you can by 64-bit hardware for future expansion).

    I certainly advise installing G4 and replacing any hardware that can’t handle it. I can’t be specific, but there are HIPAA and privacy considerations that have been introduced since Dentrix 11 that make the upgrade worth doing. The ability to hide social security numbers from certain staff members (like temps) is worth it alone.

  39. Dear Dana, it’s been some time since I have dropped in on the site here but I noticied a recent post from you about the poor image quality that you are experiencing wih dexis. We need to talk about this so that I can help you. I would love to get some sample images in dexis format emailed to me and I will get back to you as soon as I get them. Alternatively you may also email them to me at Please let me hear from you as image quality is my primary job here and I’m sure that I can help you.

  40. I’ve installed easy dental, dentrix, and dentrix integrator.
    when i reboot, i do get the integrator icon in the systray, but it doesn’t look the same or act the same as the other workstations.

    when i click on the icon, all i get is, continue or exit.
    on the other workstations, it has continue, exit, move to home, or hide mode and dentrix xrays pull up directly from easy dental.

    but not on this new workstation ive installed all 3 pieces on. they work independently, but not integrated.

    any help would be appreciated.

    I guess $1200/yr for maintenance/support was too much considering they never used it. do they offer per incident support?

  41. Hao,
    Thanks for posting this. I hope you can find an answer for this. I only use the “Dentrix integrator for Dexis”, which has no tray icon. It adds a tab in the Patient Chart which displays thumbnails of all of the images. (I don’t have EasyDental) I wish I could help :(

  42. My client just went out and purchased a new 64 bit Windows 7 computer to replace an ailing hygienist workstation. Everything was going smoothly in the transition until I tried to install the Dexis 601p portable digital xray sensor. Windows 7 keeps failing upon installing device software. I also noticed that when I install the sensor into the pcmcia slot, the green light does not come on. I noticed it did on the Windows XP workstations, so that had me a bit concerned. The client is not in a position to go out and buy new sensors, so I have been tasked with trying to get this to work.
    I noticed in your blog that you said this equipment would not work on a 64 bit machine. Does that also include a 64 bit machine with Windows 7 32 bit installed?
    Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

  43. _MY_ experience, IIRC, was that the PCMCIA card didn’t work on any 64-bit machines even if they were running 32-bit Windows 7. I hope this helps!

    One thing that your client may not be aware of is that Dexis has run promotions offering (basically) a $3100 trade-in of the PCMCIA sensor for a new USB model (that works with 32-bit and 64-bit OSs). I took advantage of this two months ago and it has made the hardware end of things much more predicable. Not only were we locked out of using any new computers with the old sensor, but we were constantly fiddling around with the PCMCIA connection in front of patients.

  44. The older pcmcia boards and currently the dexusb box are not supported in win 7 64 bit. We are currently working on 64 bit drivers for the upcoming release of dexis 10 that do support the dexusb unit. The pcmcia boards will not be included. Dexis 10 is still in limited release and the final configurations of drivers is under verification and final appproval.

  45. I am using the old Denoptic scanner in Dentrix Image 4.5. Now I face the 64 bit OS problem. There has to be others with this problem. Does Image 4.5 transition to Dexis Intergator for Dentirx and have 64 bit compatibility. I notice even the new Denoptic scanners have Win XP listed. Any help would be appreciated.

  46. Regarding Tim’s PCMCIA card reader issue, it is possible the PCMCIA reader is not Windows 7 friendly. We replaced our workstations with Windows 7 32 bit (64 bit machines) recently. I chose Win7 32 bit for compatibility reasons. At the same time I replaced our PCMCIA card readers with a PCI PC Cardbus Card Reader for DEXIS Digital X-Ray System PCD-TP110CS replacement for Elan P314 P423 424. We have had no issues with the interface between the card reader and our xray machines (Gendex)

    You can buy it off amazon here

    This card reader works perfectly in Windows 7 32 bit.

  47. Hi Dana. Sure wish I had found you about a month ago or so. Had some real challenges getting an upgrade done for my dentist but it looks like most of it is complete at this time. Here’s the setup, some of the challenges we overcame and what’s left to do:

    Server: Windows 2008 Foundation
    Workstations: Dell 64 bit Windows 7
    Xray Workstation: Dell 32 bit Windows 7

    The dentist had the latest versions of Dentrix and Dexis Image running on 7-10 yr old hardware so I had to do a server migration to the new server. It was a lot easier than I expected although some of the pieces took a little digging to get right. We contacted Dentrix and received a version written for 64 bit OS and the Dexis Image integrated with no problems (except as noted below). The last real hardware headache I have at this point is the Xray workstation which runs an old ScanX EPP system for xray acquisition. This was originally replaced with a 64 bit Dell system which I had to downgrade to 32 bit because the ScanX requires an EPP only connection and no new computers come with printer ports anymore! It’s all USB. I was able to find a PCIe EPP port from Lava in Canada which is enroute at this time. If anyone else has this issue and can swing the upgrade a new USB board for the ScanX is about $1200 US. Hopefully the remainder of that installation will go smoothly when the EPP card gets here.

    The only real problem I am still facing is in Dexis Image. When a new image is brought up and contrast adjustments are made the slider is very “sticky” for lack of a better term. It lags behind mouse movements quite a bit and is making the staff a bit nuts trying to get it to work right. Any suggestions on how to improve this performance? I don’t think it’s a processing power issue as the systems are much more powerful than the previous systems were and they didn’t have this issue. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


  48. Nice blog Dana!

    I’m another I.T. and just installed for the first time dentrix on windows server 2008, i’ve a workstation with win 7 pro x64 and I receive this error when I start the Chart and cannot find a solution :

    Unable to Initialize Image Database. Image feature will be disabled.

    With the previous server win 2003 r2 x64 all was working fine.

    Any suggestion.

    Thanks a lot to all of you.

  49. Sean,
    If you are using Dentrix Imaging 4.5, it will not run on a 64 bit platform. I just put in a 64 bit server and had to put Dentrix Imaging server on a 32 bit workstation with the database being on the server. I had to downgrade a couple of workstations to 32 bit for Imaging to run. At least I found out before get all of the machines in with 64 bit installed.
    Wish I had found this site before today.

  50. Dana,
    Great site, I wish I had found it a lot earlier. I was ask to upgrade a server and some workstations. It turned into a nightmare. I went from a Windows 2000 server, yes 2000, with Dentrix 11 to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit workstation as a server with G4. I would have gone to G5, but for a compatibility issue with G5 and a claim processing program.
    I experienced the pain of a lot of people on this blog.
    Thanks again,

  51. I haven’t posted here in quite some time but I see that some people are having issues with Dentrix Image and Win 7 and Server 2008. Just to let everyone know it is officially not supported in these OS’s although it may work. As to the card reader issue posted by Felix, many new pc’s will not work with the Dexis PCMCIA card. The card reader will install but the board requires memory address space and resources from the host pc to let windows identify it and load the dexcard.sys driver. Due to limitations in the machine BIOS you will get a MTD-0002 error or an error indicating that this device cannot start. It is only resolvable with a BIOS update provided the manufacturer of the motherboard provides this feature in the BIOS update. Many new pc’s have only one PCI slot and it’s resources are very limited. Hope this helps.

  52. Sean:

    I received that error swaping out XP lab stations with Win 7 lab stations using Dentrix Image 4.5 and G4 PP8. I cannot remember if I had to grant the user local admin rights or turn off UAC on the desktop. But when I did that everything worked. I called Dentrix and they wanted me to turn off UAC and have all users local administrators on their desktops. When I told them that was really bad, they just said they found that without doing that there were issues.If I remember right the main UAC issue was that if UAC was on the user would be prompted by UAC whenever opening modules of DEntrix such as Patient Chart. I’m hoping G5 will fix this requirement and we are also migrating to Dexis for imaging because DEntrix Image isn’t supported on 2008R2 server.

  53. Where can you purchase additional Vipersoft PCI V (c) cards? I need one with a low/smaller profile.

  54. Hi!
    How to fix this problem: “Unable to initialize image database. Image features will be disabled” ?

  55. This is a great thread, glad I found it. We are getting ready to update an office that is currently running Dentrix G4 / Dexis v8 to Dentrix G5 /Dexis v9. This office has 4 imaging stations (2 sensors that are shared with a pair of computers) and the plan is to run the server on Windows 7 Pro 32bit instead of buying a Server 2008. Ideally 2008 Foundation would be a great fit for them but the non-R2 version isn’t available any longer and anything after that isn’t supported with Dexis as everything is 64-bit only. Anyone see any issues with running the solutions on Windows 7 given the small environment?

  56. OP, here. Thanks for the comment. This thread is a couple of years old and I’m a little out of date, to be honest. Are you saying that Dexis isn’t supporting 64-bit with V9? I’m scratching my head a little bit, because I am running Dexis 9.0.5 in a Windows 7 Home Premium 4-bit installation in parallels on a MacBook Air in my office.

    We run 8 computers with Dentrix G4 (final service pack) and no version of Server. There is only one glitch, to be honest. In Document Center it sometimes doesn’t preview files, and sometimes charts aren’t refreshed quickly. I don’t think I’d put my livelihood on supporting this setup in others’ offices, but it does work OK for my needs.

    Anyone running G5 know if they fixed a bug reported to them in Lab Case Manager? (when completing an edit of a case, the Lab Case Manager search results don’t automatically refresh, so stale information is displayed, making the user believe the changes were not saved.)

  57. Thanks Dana. I noticed the age of the thread, but there iss some great information here. Yes, 64-bit Windows is not supported in v9 either. Sounds like utilizing the 32-Bit versions windows 7 for everything is the way to go.

  58. Dave,
    You are probably right that 32-bit is a safe way to go. I just looked at the Dexis 9 system requirements sheet and they state that: “For Windows 7, the 64-bit option is available only with DEXIS software, DEXIS Platinum Sensor, and DEXcam 3 intra-oral camera.” I’m completely lost regarding all of the other little imaging systems they have gobbled up over the years, so they probably aren’t extending those lifelines.

    Just to note: Microsoft is dropping Windows XP support on April 8! So, just from a security standpoint, it sounds like all of those XP machines ought to be upgraded. (and there are only 3 more weeks left in this tax year!)

  59. To Dana and Dave regarding your recent posts concerning Dexis version 9 and Win 7 64 bit. Hi, this is Mike Stauffer from Dexis field support, it’s been a while since I posted here but thought I might help to clear up the confusion regarding this 64 bit thing. We are fully supporting Win 7 64 bit in all versions of Dexis 9 and 10. The reason for the support of certain devices has to do with drivers, 32 and 64 bit are completely different. We do not write drivers for 3rd party devices of course. The problem with using 64 bit is that some hardware device may not have drivers written for it and may not work if it was used in Win XP. This has happened many times that the customer had perhaps an older camera and it will no longer work in 64 bit. The vendor does not have 64 bit drivers. We also have limited our backwards support for some older things. The safest thing is to use 32 bit versions of Windows 7 on the operatory machines and then most any hardware will work. There is no performance penalty for using 32 bit and you won’t run out of memory as some folks say. All these dental programs are designed to run in a 32 bit address space and that requires only 2.1 Gig of memory. That’s the reason Dexis runs in X86 in program files in 64 bit Windows. It is true that Microsoft is finally stopping support for XP, it has been a real trooper for many years. For those of you running Dexis version 9 earlier than 9.3 should upgrade as we made many improvements concerning networking and other things. We constantly improve our software and this is the reason we have so many sub version, i.e. 9.05 and such. Let me know if I can help with more feedback to

  60. Mike,

    Thanks so much for your reply. It is great to hear from a real person at one of these companies! I have a couple of questions:

    * How can I get the 9.3 upgrade? Do I have to call support to get temporary access to a secret download folder each time I want to upgrade? (doesn’t this generate a lot of cost on your end?)

    * I’ve poked around DentalTown, and it is good for people wanting information from other dentists about clinical issues. However I don’t think it is a good forum for pearls about installation and software. Would y’all be interested if I set one up? It seems like it would save a lot of time if we had a forum or Wiki where installers could post their solutions for getting around drive mapping issues in Windows 7, for example. Would you want a Wiki or a forum?

    * Mike, I love Dexis’ Integrator for Dentrix because it puts an image preview tab in the Dentrix Patient Chart. How did y’all do that? Dentrix won’t tell me, and I want to develop a third party solution for a completely separate part of the chart, but I want it to display as an additional tab, right next to the Image tab.

    {rant}Dentrix should organize all of their little modules into two master modules: Clinical and Administrative. The Clinical Window would be the Patient Chart with all of the Alerts, Forms, Continuing Care, Office Journal, and Treatment Plan information as tabs alongside Clinical Notes, Progress Notes, and Image. The Administrative Window would be the Office Manager with tabs for Office Journal and Family File. It makes no sense that Medical Alerts and the Continuing Care alert systems are not in the Patient Chart module! After moving this information to two main Windows, they would then have a logical organization that could be transcoded to Windows 8 Style apps. At this point they look like they are entrenched to desktops with no tablet functionality; this could be a big problem for them in the next decade. {/rant}

  61. How do I convert the database of Dentrix 10.5 to that of Dentrix 11.0? ( I would like to do it myself.)

  62. Just purchased new hardware, windows 7. I use Easy Dental. Upgrading from EasyImage imaging software to Dexis as well. I currently own 3 EVA sensors in good working order. I called prior to installation to make sure this combination would work. ImageWorks (EVA) and Dexis both said that this combination of Imaging software and sensors would be fine as long as I used a TWAIN so that they could work together. Unfortunately when we try and use it, Dexis will not function the way it is supposed to. Specifically, it will not put the radiographic images on the computer screen in the positions it is supposed to automatically place them. The way it is currently functioning is pretty much useless as it is. The Dexis rep that was training us said it was a TWAIN issue. My question is, can this issue be resolved by simply getting the correct TWAIN? Or is there another issue to this? Anyone out there in the know about this? Any advice would help, as I am not a computer person, and I cannot afford to just discard and replace $20,000 worth of sensors. Thanks

  63. Dan,
    Thanks for posting your question here. (I hope everyone is still keeping an eye on this thread so you can get an answer!)

    What version of Dexis software are you using?

  64. Having an issue with Images not always displaying all. Take 4 images and 3 of 4 show, the 4th says cannot display image. Dentrix Enterprise and Dexis.

  65. Hello all,

    I have an operatory that had a Windows XP machine running Dentrix G3, with Dexis 9.0.4 and using Dexis Integrator for Dentrix. The device worked flawlessly. Unfortunately the device failed and we have replaced it with a Windows 7 Pro machine and installed everything as it was on the XP machine. We can see images, manipulate them. Everything but the ability to take an Xray. I attached a Dexis Platinum Sensor and I see it install in Windows, I click the Sensor icon in Dentrix the Dexis Application opens, the DeXray Icon turns yellow/orange, but no dialog box opens that allows me to choose the locations to xray or to take the xray. Any help would be great.

  66. Has anyone moved to Windows 8 yet? any issues using Dexis XRay software on 8?

  67. Scanx images have poor quality after dentrix operating with widows 7. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

  68. currently using Dexis 6.0 on older laptops with pcmcia readers. Am not looking forward to laptops one day crashing as PCMIA slots not available any longer. Are there adapters available (pcmia to usb) that will allow me to continue using perfectly functioning sensors?

  69. Am getting poor quality panoramic images acquired from Scann x. Windows 7 operating system, up to specification computer, using Dexis imaging program. Scanner checks out fine as does Gendex panoramic unit. Worked fine previous with Dentrix. Poor help from Dexis techs. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems or have any solutions? Thanks for any responses. Have had enough of passing the buck.

  70. Has anyone succeeded in getting a DenOptix QST (USB) working with Dentrix G4/Dentrix Image 4.5 running under Windows 7 Pro 64 bit? Win 7 sees the device and says it’s working properly, but when we click on the icon to scan the plates, nothing happens, no pop-up window, no nothing.

    G4 and Image 4.5 work fine under Win 7 Pro (and even Win 8.1 with Bing) for our operatory workstations, but we’re still stuck with one old Win XP machine to run the DenOptix.

  71. Hi Toby,

    Getting a Denoptix into Dexis should work, but it will take some work.

    My friend Justin Shafer wrote up a guide on how to do it, you can check it out here

    You can also check us out for any support services or dental x-ray sensor repair

    Hope this helps some!

  72. […] Dana’s Mixed Bag » Dentrix, Dexis, and CAESY Enter the … – Dana, I used to work for DEXIS, It took a long time before they started supporting windows vista, but they’ve changed the certification process so official windows … […]

  73. I have been happily running Dentrix G4 and Image 4.5 on Windows XP for quite a while until Dentrix mandated that they would not accept eClaims from a XP machine.

    We are a small office with just 2chairs; I use a XP PC for a server and have 3 XP workstations in all. I have had no problems at all to date but one never knows.

    I bought a 32 bit Windows 7 PC today to try to migrate my dentrix / image / eclaims to this new machine but I am not sure if Image 4.5 is supported on Windows 7 32 bit. Anybody knows?

    Is it possible to run Image on its own server (separate from Dentrix?)

    Above points aside, can I run eclaims on a Windows 7 machine and keep the rest of the setup as it is today?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

  74. I have a totally unrelated note of caution for you: Last week I called Dentrix about upgrading to G6 from G5 and they subsequently ran a routine on all of my computers to check for minimum hardware and OS requirements. 6 out of 7 computers failed for various reasons. Two of those 7 machines are running 32-bit Windows 10 (free upgrade program from Windows 7; ended at the end of July ’16).

    If you can buy Windows 7 or Windows 10 in a package that includes the 64-bit and 32-bit discs, do it and hold on to the 64-bit disc in case you upgrade your hardware. Point is, the sun is setting sometime in the moderate future on Dentrix’s supporting 32-bit machines.

    To answer your last question, we have been running our office on a Windows 7 (then 10) 32-bit OS and had no problems with Dentrix eClaims submissions. I don’t run Dentrix Image, so I don’t know the answer to that question.

  75. Hi Dana.
    I’m runnin a Windows Server 2008 on my wired network that feeds six xp pro PCs with Dentrix 11 non usb sensors.
    I also run a pc wth windows 7 at my desk. Recently after an windows update (automatic) my server path drive label changed from F: to Z: I have no idea how this happened but it was at a time I installed Quickbooks Pro 2018 at this windows 7 pc. It took the intuit tech 3 hours remoting in to locate my QB 2013 data path and data on my server for that to work but then I found Dentrix would not open. I figured out how to change the data path on Dentrix ( C:\Program Files\Dentrix then search for ep or ep.exe or ep.dll, click and you can change the drive loacation) but I also found that DEXIS 6.0 which ran as admin on this ofc would not open either. Here I did not need to open a patient file chart in Dentrix first to open a patient’s x-rays but I found the Dexis.INI file to change the location find the server drive as in Dentrix yet still DEXIS will not open even with a patient file chart. Any suggestions would be most appreciated

  76. When you state that Dexis “will not open”, do you mean that you cannot even get the Dexis administration window (the one that usually lists all the patients on the right view) open or you get that window to open but the patient view doesn’t populate? It’s been a while since I’ve dealt with Dexis mapping, but if that Dexis application opens, unpopulated, definitely click the wrench icon and look for the path part of that form.

    If you cannot even get the application to open, is there an error message? Can you navigate to the Dexis data folder with Windows Explorer (without having to give a password)??

    An aside, I worry about any instances of Dentrix 11 running these days as that version doesn’t meet current HIPAA recommendations for unique usernames, passwords, and privileges.

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