Reception Area Sleaze

IMG_7986 I subscribe to a few good magazines for my dental office’s reception area. Some offices like to place People, US, and some other horrendous sleaze in their reception area. To satisfy that content area, I’ve gone with Entertainment Weekly. For the most part they deal with the movies, shows, music, etc themselves, and avoid the gossip and celeb-of-the-month worshipping that inexplicably goes on out there.

On Monday our mail came and we got the new EW as well as the new, typically-slutty Victoria’s Secret catalogue. How bad is it when your magazine cover is more inappropriate for a dental office than Victoria’s? Yep…looks like EW is officially in trouble.

One Response to “Reception Area Sleaze”

  1. The real question is Dana — how many teenage boys do you treat. If there are bunch — keep the magazines and just put them toward the bottom. They will think you are cool for this.