Global Warming Strikes Watertown, NY

It’s a shame that global warming has made it quit snowing these days. Here are some pictures from Watertown, NY which only got 146" in 2 weeks this year.

snowlady snowhouses snowwindow

2 Responses to “Global Warming Strikes Watertown, NY”

  1. I was born in watertown and grew up there. We used to have a camp on wellesley island. The family moved to tulsa, ok and i’ve been here ever since. I really do miss it. I remember skiing at thompson park and the wonderful summers. Actually i enjoyed the winters, too. I met Tim McCreadie a couple years ago at the chilli bowl indoor race we have here. Well, i guess i was just a little home sick but i’ll make it back some day.

  2. I lived in Watertown, NY, for one year. For a person who wasn’t used to white powdery snow 3/4th of the year, it was a shock! Now that I haven’t been there for over 10 years, I miss it. A little!