Install Windows Fonts in a Snap

Installing fonts in Windows is a little tedious. Many times one is installing these from a CD or a downloaded file and it takes a while to find that \Windows\fonts folder. By installing a shortcut to the Fonts folder in your Send To menu, installation can be done without all of that hunting.

  • Find the “C:\Windows\Fonts” folder. Open Windows Explorer (Windows-E). Make sure you have “Folders” selected in the toolbar and you can see your folder tree in the left pane. (A shortcut is to click the Windows key, then type “fonts”, then click the “Folders” button in the toolbar.)
  • Right-click on the Fonts folder in the left pane
  • Select Send to… | Desktop (Create Shortcut)
  • Find your “Send To” folder in your Documents and Setting profile. (A shortcut is to click the Windows key, and paste this into the search bar:
  • Drag the Shortcut to Fonts shortcut created earlier from your desktop into the SendTo folder. (You may need to reposition a few windows to get clear access to both. One way is to minimize all apps by hitting Windows-D, then restoring the SendTo app from your taskbar).

Now fonts are easy to install. Just find your new .TTF file, right click on it, then select Send To | Fonts. The font installs and is instantly available in any application you have open!

In XP, use Windows-R instead of the Windows key when searching for the folders mentioned.

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