Make Firefox A Snap


I switched to using the Firefox browser several years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I found myself getting through massive amounts of info with time to spare. I follow about 50 web pages a day and get around 100 emails and I finally have a system that tames all of this very quickly. The first installment of this series gets your Firefox viewing experience maximized.

There is a great article at about cleaning up the top of your Firefox window. I followed her advice and am stunned at how much more efficient this is. After getting used to this layout, it is hard to use IE7 without noticing how much valuable real estate is wasted.

I won’t duplicate Gina’s article, but it instructs one how to get rid of the navigation toolbar by getting rid of unnecessary icons like back, forward, and stop when you don’t need them. I was never a big user of the Bookmarks toolbar, but after seeing how she both created folders instead of true links and abbreviated the titles, one can see how efficient the bar can be.

In the next installment, I’ll explain how to really make the Bookmarks bar even more powerful than Gina’s.

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