Day 70

of 90+ heat…and counting.

Should We Talk About The Weather?

Hi. Hi. Hi….or should that be HIGH. The WRAL Weather blog has a nice entry summarizing the miserably hot August, the hottest month on record. Check out these records:

  • We reached 90 degrees or higher on 30 of August’s 31 days (11 is normal)
  • The average temperature of 84.1 degrees exceeded the old record (80.6) by more than the difference between the old record and the norm (77.2).
  • We broke or tied records for the hottest high and low temperatures on 10 of 31 days, each.

As of today, we stand at 68 days reaching 90 degrees or more. The record for a year is 72, set in 1953, and the normal number is only 39. Given the forecasted highs for today, Thu, and Fri of 96, 95, and 92, respectively, we could be in a position to break the record early next week. Stay tuned!

Atlanta Time Machine

lenox-square-atlanta-c1960s.jpgFor those who enjoy visiting Atlanta, you’ll enjoy the Atlanta Time Machine. It’s full of fun info and photos of days gone by compared to today. Pictured here is Lenox Square Mall looking toward the garden court end. The entrance to Rich’s (now Macy’s) is on the left.

One Horsepower

fleethorse-2.jpgAutoblog posted a report about a new concept car that is powered by a horse on a treadmill. We’ll never actually see it but it’s hilarious.

Mightier Than The Sword


Google Earth Flight Simulator

gearthral.jpgPretty neat. It turns out that Google has a secret little flight simulator application within the new version of Google Earth. Simply install version 4.2. Look at “sky” mode, make the large view window active by clicking once upon it, then click Ctrl-Alt-A. A little pop-up should introduce you to the hidden gem. Here’s more about it.